Why Bulk Text might be your next top revenue channel

SMS Marketing Works in the UK

Pause for a second and think of this question. How many unopened emails do you have right now in your inbox versus unread text messages on your phone? This is why so many brands are using Bulk Text and mobile marketing to connect with consumers instead. If you are like me, there are literally hundreds […]

Tutorial – Building your Opt-In Customer List with Social Media

Using the Quick Import Feature

When a customer has opted in to receive your communications they are FAR more likely to respond to your promotions. Your messages are welcomed, received, read and acted upon. This, together with a direct communication channel like SMS make your marketing campaigns much more effective and successful. This is called permission based marketing and is […]

8 reasons why SMS Marketing works

Tap into the Power of SMS Marketing for UK Businesses

Despite the rise of person to person messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messenger, SMS is still regarded as a very important tool for business owners to contact their customers with offers and promotions. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider SMS Marketing for your business! SMS is the most immediate and […]

Tutorial – How to Quickly SMS Send from a List

Using the Quick Import Feature

If you would like to send directly from a list of numbers without importing them into your account, this is very easy to do in 4 quick steps. Step 1: Click Send SMS You will see a Tab called List in the Recipients section on the left hand side. Step 2: Enter a List name […]

Tutorial – Using the Quick Import

Using the Quick Import Feature

Another useful way to import your numbers is to use the quick import. You don’t need to have your numbers in an excel spreadsheet. You can simply copy and paste them into your Sendmode account and import them into whichever group you require. Below are the steps to complete a quick import of mobile numbers […]

Compliant Sender Names – New Rules from Oct 31st 2023

What is a Sender ID? A Sender ID, AKA Sender Name identifies who, or what organisation has sent a message – and your customers see it when they receive an SMS from you. The Sender Name appears on the receivers mobile handset and identifies who the message has come from. It is very popular with […]

What is Webtext?

How to market your business using Web text in the UK

Webtext is a popular marketing technique where businesses use an online service to send text messages to their customers. Combining WebText and permission based marketing gives some of the higher ROIs in marketing. Businesses love the simplicity of webtext. It is as simple as login, type your offer and click send to your customers. The […]

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter – September- 2021

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter - May - 2021

Hi , Welcome to our Sendmode Newsletter. A short burst of news on SMS Marketing and the Sendmode platform. 3 quick features on the service which you may not know about. How to Upload PDFs or Images You can upload PDFs and Images directly into your SMS campaigns with Sendmode. Great for showing menu’s and […]

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter – June – 2021

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter - May - 2021

Hi, Welcome to our Sendmode Newsletter. A short burst of news on SMS Marketing and the Sendmode platform.  Re-Introducing Sendmode Bulk Texting As the economy opens up again, it may have been a while since you used the Sendmode platform. No need to worry, we’ve been working away making it even quicker and easier to use. If […]