8 reasons why SMS Marketing works

Tap into the Power of SMS Marketing for UK Businesses

Despite the rise of person to person messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messenger, SMS is still regarded as a very important tool for business owners to contact their customers with offers and promotions.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider SMS Marketing for your business!

SMS is the most immediate and effective channel

Unlike other communication channels, text messages are opened almost immediately, with 98% open rate, and 90% of messages are read in under 3 minutes. This is vastly superior to the open and read rates of email marketing. Social media timelines are so busy nowadays that people flick through hundreds of posts without reading any. For customer engagement, SMS is by far the best.

Consumers love it

75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS. SMS is the most effective marketing medium for sparking consumer engagement. We can attest to this with hundreds of testimonials from our customers who couldn’t believe the response they get from their SMS Marketing campaigns.

SMS is on every mobile phone automatically

SMS comes pre-installed on every mobile device. Users do not need to install any applications to send and receive text messages. SMS is already built in to every phone (whether basic or smartphone) and can be delivered to any type of mobile devices.

SMS is extremely versatile

You can use SMS for customer service, reservation/appointment booking, special offers and latest updates etc. Because of the ubiquity of SMS more and more banks are now using it for sending balances and transaction confirmations.

SMS is personal

People only opt in to SMS updates from companies that they are interested in. This is one of the key points about SMS. It is permission based marketing. This means that you know your message will be received by someone who genuinely wants to get updates from your company. Mobile devices are very personal and if someone doesn’t want to give you their number, they wont. The personal nature of SMS is another reason why it works so well for business.

SMS campaigns can be designed and delivered in minutes

This is especially important for small businesses. You don’t need expensive marketing consultants of graphic designers to create that visual masterpiece which will get lost in the hundreds that consumers get bombarded with each day. Your SMS campaign is all about the words. They can be written and delivered in seconds. Just think of a good offer for your customers, type it up and send it out. Done.

Less is more nowadays

People are being absolutely bombarded nowadays with all sorts of personal and business messages. Many come through email, whatsapp and social media and business messages are lost in the noise. However, with short, direct and to the point messages, SMS gets your point across to customers in seconds and captures your audience’s attention instantly.

SMS is reliable

With a 98% open rate you can be absolutely certain that your messages are being delivered and read by your customers and they won’t miss any of your communications. Email, for example has junk/spam folders but SMS doesn’t. Social Media has hundreds of posts being flicked through every second.

So there you have them – 8 reasons why SMS Marketing will work for your business. If you’ve not started using SMS, now it’s time to incorporate it and experience the power that SMS brings!

Another point to consider is that only 39% of business owners have realized the power of SMS Marketing, so if you begin using it you will have the jump on your competitors. 97% of all businesses who use SMS marketing said it works well for them.

A short story to finish. For a long time we couldn’t understand why our customers were not recommending us to other business owners in their area. But if you were using SMS Marketing and it was working well for your business, filling tables, getting more customers through your doors etc. Would you be inclined to tell a business down the street? Took us ages to figure that one out.

About Sendmode

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