About our SMS Gateway API

Designed for Developers

Sendmode’s SMS API Gateway will SMS-enable any site or application. In a few simple lines of code you can connect your application to the mobile world.

You can do this using any programming language (.NET, PHP, Java etc) and you will be up and running in minutes.

Our sms gateway is fast, secure and reliable ; we provide full documentation with technical support 24/7. We also provide all Delivery Reports which can be sent to a URL of your choice or you can pol the service to retrieve your reports.

Free API Usage

Access to our Developer SMS API Gateway is completely free, you only pay for the SMS you send. Also when you sign up we will give you 25 free credits to get you started.
Sendmode Bulk SMS Gateway

Technical Information


Sendmode Bulk SMS Gateway C# API ExampleSendmode Bulk SMS Gateway PHP API ExampleSendmode Bulk SMS Gateway ASP API ExampleSendmode Bulk SMS Gateway Java API Example


Sendmode Bulk SMS Gateway Online DocumentationSendmode Bulk SMS Gateway Download Documentation


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Pricing Reference

Free Bulk SMS Platform. You only pay for SMS’. SMS credits have no expiry date. No contracts, no hidden charges and no strings attached!


SMS Credits


  • R0,23 per SMS Credit
  • Double Credits Offer


SMS Credits


  • R0,22 per SMS Credit
  • Double Credits Offer


SMS Credits


  • R0,21 per SMS Credit
  • Double Credits Offer
Best value


SMS Credits


  • R0,20 per SMS Credit
  • 5000 Credits Free