Compliant Sender Names – New Rules from Oct 31st 2023

What is a Sender ID?

A Sender ID, AKA Sender Name identifies who, or what organisation has sent a message – and your customers see it when they receive an SMS from you.

The Sender Name appears on the receivers mobile handset and identifies who the message has come from. It is very popular with companies using Bulk SMS as a way to brand their messages and make them easily recognizable to the receiver.

The Sender Name can be be alpha-numeric, up to 11 characters including spaces, and use both upper and lowercase letters.

What is changing with Sender IDs?

From October 31st 2023 new restrictions will be implemented by the mobile operators to cut down on the amount of SPAM messages being sent by bad actors.

Sender Names must now be registered with Bulk SMS companies such as Sendmode and we can then whitelist them with the mobile operators and tag this Sender Name to
your company. So only you can send out using this Sender Name. This would stop anyone from impersonating your company for example.

Sendmode Bulk Text

How do I register a new Sender ID/Name?

Its very straightforward with Sendmode. You simply login to your Sendmode account and goto Messaging->Sender Names. Add the Sender Name you wish to use and we
will register it and email you back when it is registered and ready to use.

What are examples of compliant Sender Names?

See below for examples of compliant Sender Names.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we hope you found it helpful. We are available if you have any questions about the new rules for compliant Sender Names.