Planning your Seasonal Bulk SMS Marketing

Now that we are well into 2014, January/February blues are almost but a distant memory….. seize the next couple of weeks to get your marketing campaign calendar rebooted, refreshed, updated and ready for action!  With numerous events imminent, it’s a prefect time to plan what you are going to send to your customers and, very importantly, when!!  It’s imperative you don’t bombard your customers.  This can easily happen when events fall within weeks of each other. Once organised, you can craft your messages and schedule them, well spaced out, to ensure you reap the most from your campaigns, avoiding any risk of possible opt outs!  Remember, we recommend messaging your customers once every 4-6 weeks.

Upcoming Events

St Patrick’s Day, 17th March

Human Right’s Day, 21st March

Easter, Good Friday, 18th April

Family Day, 21st April

Freedom Day, 27th April (& Public Holiday 28th April)

Workers Day, 1st May

Youth Day, 16th June


To start with, St Patrick’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to inform your customers of your special deals and discounts.  After the Christmas/New Year lull, folk are really keen to come out of hibernation and treat themselves…your offers will be warmly welcomed!

Get your campaign calendar co-ordinated, ensuring you make the most out of the upcoming holiday seasons’ events.

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