Compliant Sender Names – New Rules from Oct 31st 2023

What is a Sender ID? A Sender ID, AKA Sender Name identifies who, or what organisation has sent a message – and your customers see it when they receive an SMS from you. The Sender Name appears on the receivers mobile handset and identifies who the message has come from. It is very popular with […]

Using SMS for Covid-19 Alerts and Notifications

If your company, school or organization needs to get an information message out regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus to staff, parents, students or members there are few better ways to do so than sending a Bulk Text message. Why SMS? SMS is automatically installed on every single phone Delivered in Seconds with Real Time Delivery Reports 98% […]

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing is 10

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing is 10 years old and we are celebrating with a flash sale to all our customers. 10 years ago this month we registered the company and began developing the best darn SMS and Bulk Text Marketing solution on the internet. We released the software in March 2009 and started towards helping […]

What is MMS and How Does it Work

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way for users to send pictures and video over the cellular network. Apart from a small number of territories, notably China and Norway MMS has not been a commercial success due to the technology being plagued by technical issues. Over the years these technical issues have been ironed […]

What is SMiShing and How Does it Work

SMiShing is a fraud technique that uses SMS to try to scam consumers. It is similar to email phishing but uses SMS instead of email. See those emails you get pretending to be from your bank and asking you to click a link and enter details. This is called email phishing whereby fraudsters are trying […]

What does OTT mean and How Does it Work

OTT (Over the Top) is the term used for the broadcast of content over the internet, bypassing the telecommunications companies and mobile networks. For example, in the past the mobile networks controlled the most popular messaging app, SMS, and charged consumers per message sent. Each message was sent over their mobile network. However with the […]

Wholesale SMS

If you are looking for wholesale SMS you have probably seen that pretty much every company selling wholesale SMS will tell you the same thing. Great prices for direct routes, always on support. So why would we be different? Well, firstly we specialise in three markets, the UK, Ireland and South Africa and have built […]

The Future of SMS – Bulk Text and Artificial Intelligence

The core objective of any and all technological advancement is to reduce human effort and increase quality. Artificial Intelligence may be considered a thing of the future, you’d be astonished at how much we actually rely on artificial intelligence in our day to day lives. Not too long ago, artificial intelligence brought to mind scenes […]