What is SMiShing and How Does it Work

SMiShing is a fraud technique that uses SMS to try to scam consumers. It is similar to email phishing but uses SMS instead of email. See those emails you get pretending to be from your bank and asking you to click a link and enter details. This is called email phishing whereby fraudsters are trying to trick you into giving personal details.

Smishing works in a similar way. You will receive an SMS with some kind of offer and then a call to action to click on a link. The link brings you to a valid looking website which will then ask you to input personal details. Common smishing attacks include pretending to be from your bank asking you to reset your login details, asking you for login details to paypal or other ecommerce engines or false promotions for concert tickets, hotel stays or cheap flights. The list is endless but the end goal is always the same, try to scam you out of your hard earned money.

For more on SMiShing can check out the Wikipedia page here.

What Should I do if I get a SmiShing SMS?

Firstly and foremost, do NOT click the link on the SMS if it comes from a mobile number or source which you do not know. Secondly, contact the Data Protection Commissioner and they will be able to track down the source of the SMS and take legal action thereafter.

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