What is MMS and How Does it Work

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way for users to send pictures and video over the cellular network. Apart from a small number of territories, notably China and Norway MMS has not been a commercial success due to the technology being plagued by technical issues. Over the years these technical issues have been ironed out however MMS has now been surpassed by over the top messaging apps with use the internet.

Using MMS for Conquest Marketing

Marketers have however been using MMS over the years for conquest marketing. That said, we have been in the Bulk SMS Marketing industry for 10 years and have received only a handful of enquirers about MMS. Below are two of the ways marketers have used MMS to reach potential customers.


A scanable coupon makes it easy for consumers to redeem offers. Since they take their phone everywhere with them. Businesses can send out a coupon using a Bulk MMS provider and get delivery reports on each customer who has opened the message.


According to an AC Nielsen and IAB report, videos increase brand recall by 33% and message recall by 45%.

For more on MMS can check out the Wikipedia page here.

The Future for MMS

Doesn’t look good for MMS as it has been overtaken by consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. Even in the SMS world there is a new technology emerging called Rich Communication Services (RCS) which will allow text, images and video to be sent using the SMS function on your mobile phone. For more on RCS please click here

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