What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a great way to connect with your customers and show them how you understand their requirements. Effective storytelling is important in not only helping consumers identify what their problems and needs are and presenting your products or services as a solution but in helping them to relate to your business on a personal level i.e. that this business UNDERSTANDS my needs. This is invaluable in building customer loyalty.

The idea is to align yourself with your audience. By telling real stories of how your products or services were able to solve a problem for (or add value to) customers you are also showing how your company can do the same for new customers. The key is to make the stories real-world examples of how your company can benefit customers, this is where digital storytelling works best.

Case Studies

This is the best known and a super effective way to use digital storytelling. Take a good customer and create a case study around how your service was used by them and the results they received. This shows how your product or service has helped someone and allows new customers a view into the benefits of using your company.

Some tips on creating case studies. Keep the case studies nice and brief and use videos if you can as more and more people engage with videos every day. Do not be promotional in your case studies, there is no need to be as the results of the study will speak for themselves.

Have a look at our recent customer case study HERE.

Finally, if you add a video testimonial or case study to your Buy Now or purchase page you will find that your conversion rates increase. It is a well-known conversion strategy to put testimonial videos at the point of purchase to give new customers that sense of security just before they purchase.

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