What is an SMS Gateway and How Does it Work

Most software will have a communications feature built-in, some use email notifications, some use push notifications to a mobile app and some use SMS. For the ones using SMS to communicate with customers the message will need to be sent to an SMS Gateway.

The basic function of an SMS Gateway is to deliver the SMS message to your customer and then return a delivery report with details such as time of delivery and delivery status. The SMS gateway must work out which mobile network the receiving mobile number is on, transmit the message directly to the appropriate mobile company, receive a delivery report from the mobile company’s systems and then send this report back to the original requesting software.

How do I use an SMS Gateway?

If you wish to use SMS in your systems you will have to get a programmer to help. The programmer will connect to the gateway using an application programmer’s interface and use any of a variety of computer programming languages to access the gateway and send messages.
Typically we estimate a good programmer can have a full end to end integration done in 4-6 hours. This would include connecting to the gateway, checking credits balance, sending a message and consuming the returning delivery reports.

For More on how an SMS Gateway works you can check out the Sendmode SMS Gateway page here.

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