Vodafone Webtext or Bulk Text Supplier?


Many of us use a free webtext tool such as Vodafone webtext to send out messages to small groups of our friends. With so many businesses using Bulk Text to reach their customers, is it worth paying for the SMS when you can get 300 (or thereabouts) free each month from Vodafone Webtext?

We’ve outlined a few reasons why using a Bulk Text service (like us!!! hurrah) might provide a better choice for business.

Save on Cost.

Cost? Cost you say, but webtext is free. Well no, it is only free for the first 300 and then texts are charged at 10c each. This means that with a database of 1,000 numbers you will be paying €70 for these messages as opposed to approximately €40 using a Bulk Text Supplier.

Save on Time.

Bulk Text providers have no limits on the number of recipients you can sent to in one campaign. This saves a lot of time as most webtext providers have limits on how many people you can send to in one go.

We also provide native mobile apps for both Android and iPhone which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or App Store. Send Bulk Text to your customers from these apps on the go when that genius marketing campaign idea comes along.

Sender Names

With a Bulk Text service, your message arrives at the customers handset with your brand name rather than from a mobile number.

Social Media Integration

Bulk Text service providers will generally have a social media integration feature so you can promote your campaigns on Social media with the click of a button and the message is sent out via SMS and to all your social media channels instantly.

Reports and Database Cleaning

Bulk Text suppliers will generally provide a database cleaning service whereby any old, dead or invalid numbers can be checked and removed from your database.


Legally speaking when sending business SMS messages you must provide a free way for people to opt out. Any good Bulk Text provider will have a free and easy way for their customers to do this.

We love Vodafone Webtext and see what a great product it is for sending out to your friends but, and yes we are biased, that a Bulk Text service may provide a better fit for your business. We hope the points outlined above have given you some valid reasons for this.

If you would like to know more about Sendmode Bulk Text and switch to us from your current supplier or Vodafone Webtext, please call us at any time on 01-685-4913 or email [email protected].

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