Text Message Marketing

Are you using text messages to keep in contact with current customers or user? You should be.
‘Mobile text messaging, the same 160-character dispatched first popularized by nimble-fingered teenagers, may be the closest thing in the information-overloaded digital marketing world to a guaranteed read.’
This was the opening line to an article about text message marketing written in the New York Times – in 2009.

Text message marketing has a greater impact and response rate than all other forms of advertising. Text messaging isn’t just a convenient way to chat with friends, it’s also a powerful mobile marketing tool for businesses.

Text message marketing is cheap, easy and highly valuable. Google highlighted that 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase decision, in terms of business, that is potentially millions of people researching a product or service that you offer before they act and also a significant chance that your message will be seen. This makes it important for businesses to reach out to their customers through this popular medium.

In 1992 the first text message was sent in the UK, today it is estimate that over 23 billion text messages are sent worldwide every day. Popular cultures and fads come and go, but text messaging is here to stay. For business, the impact of text message penetration is now greater than ever before.

Text Message Marketing facts and stats.

  • 98% of texts are opened, versus 22% of emails.
  • 90& read a message within the first three minutes.
  • Average person checks there phone 150 times a day.
  • Average 9/10 people reading a business text messages in the first three minutes.
  • usually takes 4 seconds to deliver a text message = this presents instant solution to reach potential customers.

Why text message marketing is great

  1. Opt-in/Opt-out
    Its permission based. Which means your target audience are volunteering to hear your voice Customers are invested in your brand otherwise they wouldn’t have signed up. Meaning you won’t waste time or money marketing to customers who aren’t interested.
  2. It’s concentrated
    Everyone that gets your message is already a customer of yours, which makes them a lot more likely to respond to your advertisement than some random person.
  3. It is a direct, immediate channel
    You can guarantee that your messages will be read almost immediately; with 90% of text messages being opened within three minutes of being received, that’s an average of 9 out of 10 people reading a business message in the first three minutes of delivery. This is fantastic exposure for businesses that want to drive ROI from their marketing campaign.
  4. High open rate
    Essentially, almost every text message is opened (and read), 98% to be exact, whereas a fraction of emails sent are read, making mobile marketing one of the fastest and most convertible form of advertising.

Text message marketing is a great strategy to add to your marketing mix and a massive business opportunity!!

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