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Do you want to know a marketing tool that will increase your sales while saving you a pile of time and money? Are you spending far too much time on marketing campaigns that leave you frustrated with weak results? Well text marketing could be your answer. Text Marketing is an enormously popular marketing tool with business owners worldwide who wish to get their messages delivered to their customers in seconds. Marketing campaigns are simple text message offers and can be designed and delivered in minutes.

Why is it so effective?

Permission Based Marketing

Mobile devices are very personal to consumers. Think of how annoyed you get when you receive an unsolicited text message from an unwelcome or unknown source. We all get tons of unsolicited emails each day and simply delete them but when we get an unwanted message to our phones it seems more personal and therefore more unsettling. It is of the upmost importance that you get permission from your customers to send to them by SMS Text Marketing.

Subsequently, this is one of the reasons why Text Marketing is so effective. You can only text people who have given you permission to send them an offer by text marketing. This means your offers will be read and welcomed by the customers who receive them. You also give consumers an easy way to opt-out of receiving your messages. This gives consumers full control of opting IN and OUT of receiving your messages whenever they wish.

Exactly the way it should be.

Cost Effective

We believe Text Marketing is by far the most cost effective means of advertising for business owners. It competes against a number of channels such as print and broadcast media, email marketing, social media marketing and Google Adwords.

The cost of print and broadcast advertisement is enormous. Anyone who has put an ad in a local of national newspaper can attest to that.

Email is cheap but not effective. The open and read rates for email marketing are WAY lower than SMS. Think of how many emails you simply delete each day without reading them. Now think of how many SMS text messages you don’t read. None right?

bulk text

Organic social marketing is fighting with hundreds of posts that people get each day. Try it yourself with an organic post to all the people who have liked your business on Facebook. Now wait 10 minutes and see how far down your own timeline your message is.

There was a time when Google Adwords were very cost effective and you could get people coming to your website for next to nothing. However, over time the prices have increased and the cost of click through, especially for very competitive keywords, can make your eyes water. Also click throughs only bring people to your website and only a small percentage of these people will actually buy from you. The conversion rate is about 1-2%.

The only sure fire way of getting your message into your customer’s hands and getting eyeballs on it is to send them a text message. 98% of texts are read and 90% are read within 3 minutes of receipt of the message.

Saves Time

Text Marketing campaigns can be designed in seconds. Think up a good offer or promotion, type it up in 160 characters and send. No more waiting for expensive marketing consultants to dream up that amazing advertisement to help your brand or graphic designers charging a bomb for an image. Just type, send it and deliver it.

Return On Investment

The average response rates from Text Marketing with Permission from customers is between 10% and 50% depending on the industry. Lets do the math. Say you send a text to 1,000 customers and get the lower response rate of 10%. That is 100 customers who purchase from your business. How much is your average purchase? You can work out the return from here and I bet it’s a lot more than you thought. And certainly better than the other forms of marketing you are using.

Next Steps

If you are interested in using text marketing there are a couple of things to consider.

1. Get a company with a track record

Search for ‘Bulk SMS’, ‘Text Marketing’ or ‘SMS Marketing’ in google and have a look at a few companies. Choose one that has been around for 5-10 years as these companies will have the best routes, quality and customer service.

2. Pricing

Most reputable operators will have similar prices. If you see operators with super low prices then chances are they are sending through cheap and unreliable international routes. Go for the lowest price from the range of reputable companies. Remember the old adage. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

3. Data Protection Regulations

It is extremely important that the company you choose understands the data protection regulations in your country. You need to be aware of your responsibilities with your customer’s data, to choose a company who secures this data and also how you must allow your customers free and easy options to opt-out.

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