Using SMS Marketing to Retain More Customers

SMS Marketing and business texting have emerged as the heir to traditional email marketing.

While email marketing still has social media beat in terms of control and building deeper engagement, it lacks the personal touch of a digital one-on-one with your customers and prospects.

SMS has an overall open rate of 98%!! Compare that to 10-15% open rates for email…

When it comes to improving the customer experience, SMS is the new email. Customers are more comfortable with texting and prefer SMS for its convenience and real-time communication. More importantly, contacting your customers via SMS is less expensive.

Furthermore, SMS messages are read instantly, whereas an email can sit for days without being opened or even seen. SMS is delivered directly to the palm of your customer’s hand.

Four ways to retain customers using SMS marketing:

1. Generating Sales
2. Nurture Customers Through Conversation
3. Providing Tips and Advice
4. Using SMS for Customer Service and Support

Successful SMS lead generation can make the difference between a business that excels, and a business that struggles as consumers shift to mobile.

Generating Sales

To achieve lead-generation success via SMS, take the following steps:
• Make sure SMS information is easily accessible across all channels.
• Have a strong call to action.
• Use SMS to qualify leads.
• Set up a fast process to follow up with SMS leads.
• Start now to get ahead of the competition.

Business SMS is particularly effective at generating sales when you use it in conjunction with special occasions, or for other promotions. Random coupons and discounts to your opt-ins via SMS may also encourage leads to buy.

Nurture Customers through Conversation

Relationships lead to higher sales (customers you’ve built relationships with make nearly 50% larger purchases), but what builds relationships? Conversations!!

More often than not, text messaging is how friends choose to communicate with each other and can use this same concept to successfully build a relationship between you, your brand, and your customer.
Personalising messages is a great way to build trust between you and your customers.

Providing Tips and Advice

A great way for businesses to deliver tons of value to their customers in small, bite-sized doses is through SMS. The ability to provide quick tips and advice your customers will actually find useful has a two-pronged effect:

1. It gets them back through your doors or using your service.
2. It saves money, prevents frustration and provides encouragement.

Use SMS for Customer Service and Support

When one of your customers has a need, you want to resolve it immediately. Otherwise, emotions fester, and a smaller issue begins to reshape their entire perception of your business.

Several factors go into great customer service (something we pride ourselves on):

• Speed
• Convenience
• Friendliness
• Conflict resolution

SMS is a great solution to tackle each one of these effectively.

Being able to service customer quickly and conveniently through their preferred channels goes a long way.

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