5 Reasons SMS Marketing Is Essential to the Modern Marketplace

A recent article published by the Huffington Post underlines why SMS Marketing is essential for small business. The article outlines a number of very important points about SMS Marketing and why business owners should consider it as a marketing tool.

SMS is Mobile

Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and incredible as it may seem, each of us checks our mobiles 150 times each day. By delivering an SMS message to your customer you are guaranteed that the message will be delivered to a device which your customer has on their person at all times and will check it throughout the day.

SMS is Read

Statistics from the mobile operators tell us that 98% of all SMS messages are read by recipients with 90% of messages reads within 3 minutes of receipt.

The marketing message you send by SMS is therefore guaranteed to be delivered and read by your customer.

SMS is Reliable

SMS has been around a long time now and is a super reliable delivery channel for your messages. Trillions of SMS Messages have been sent over the past 20 years and the technology is tried & trusted across the globe.

SMS is Trackable

All SMS messages have delivery reports from the mobile operators so you immediately view the reach of your current campaign. Contrasting with email marketing where your campaign may not even get past spam filters, an SMS Marketing campaign is guaranteed to be delivered to the intended recipients.

SMS is Engaging

The Mobile Marketing Association has published statistics showing that consumers are five times more likely to respond to a text message than an email. SMS is super easy to use and the message can be read by the consumer in seconds.

Read the full article here.

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