What does SMS Marketing Cost??

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Definitive fact for sure, marketing is one of the most significantly important tasks for any business owner. How a business markets itself, and its products or services, is paramount to the ongoing success of the business.  There are so many marketing channels available today, it is imperative that a business chooses the correct marketing mix to work for them.  Some channels are extremely expensive, such as TV or radio advertisements, whilst others, such as SMS Marketing are low cost and highly effective with guaranteed success rates. So … what does SMS marketing cost?  The two major cost factors are, ‘Time’ and ‘Money’.

Time Cost

Many marketing channels i.e. newspaper, TV, radio and flyers require input from third party professionals; graphic designers, script writers, editors and marketing consultants.  Each marketing campaign needs to be carefully project-planned over a number of weeks before implementation, thus greatly increasing the amount of time input required from the business owner.  In comparison, let’s consider the time cost of SMS Marketing. An SMS marketing campaign is a succinct, concise offer or promotion which is sent instantaneously to your customer base.  The most successful SMS marketing campaigns are less than 160 characters in length and can be created and delivered to your subscribers within minutes of conception.  The biggest challenge however, for a business owner, is to keep campaigns fresh, exciting and most of all, irresistible.

Monetary Cost

SMS Marketing has been tried, tested and proven globally to provide the most cost effective, direct communication channel from business owner to targeted audiences.  Unlike other media, which rely on a ‘spray and pray’ approach to reach a broad spectrum of consumers in the hope of capturing a mere 1%-2%. Conversely, the return rates for targeted SMS Marketing are between 12% and 15% globally (source: MMA).

In terms of specific monetary cost, our pricing is available on our website at Sendmode.
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