SMS Image Attachments

You can now send an image to your customers in your SMS text message via our new SMS Image Attachments feature. We store your image on our private cloud and send the image via a link embedded in your SMS.  It’s really simple and we have explained it step by step below for you.  You just attach the image and we’ll convert it into a clickable link in the body of your SMS text message.

The image must be either a JPEG, PNG, GIF or PDF file and be no larger than 3MB. You can also view how many clicks your link has received in our reports section. These reports are updated daily each morning.

You can use our SMS Image Attachments feature to send menus, newsletters, brochures, promotional flyers, photos, business cards or indeed any sales literature that will drive your revenue!

It works the same way as attaching an image in an email! Simply click on the ‘Choose File’ button where the ‘Add Link to Image’ prompt is.

SMS Image Attachment

Locate the image file on your computer and click ‘Open’.

SMS Image Attachments2

You will see the image appear beside the ‘Choose File’ button.

SMS Image Attachments 3

Next you need to add the link into your SMS by clicking the Blue ‘Image Link’ button in the ‘Personalise’ section beside your SMS Campaign content.

SMS Image Attachments 4

View your reports by clicking on SMS Marketing-Reports-SMS Marketing Reports-Image SMS

SMS Image Attachments5

If you’d like some assistance with our SMS Image Attachments feature, or with any of your bulk text marketing campaign requirements just call Sendmode on 01 6854913 or email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to give you a demo.  We hope this new feature assists your bulk text marketing with Sendmode.

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SMS Image Attachments