The rise of RCS Messaging

The Rise of RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging – What is it?

RCS industry initiative was formed in 2007 by a group of industry promoters. In 2008 the GSM Association officially became the project ‘home’ of RCS and an RCS steering committee was established by the organisation.

Fast-forward 7 years and Google first announced the launch of RCS (Rich Communication Service) last year, having signed agreements with numerous operators and mobile device manufactures. This year it is focusing on brands and businesses, launching an Early Access Program, which will allow businesses to learn and build the technology. RCS offers businesses an major upgrade to traditional SMS messaging.

What will it do for Messaging?

RCS is part of the new Advanced Messaging standard designed to greatly improve messaging functionality that comes installed on mobile devices. Along with SMS messaging, RCS will allow for higher quality picture messaging, group chats, location sharing, and video calls. RCS is looking to go beyond the capabilities seen in many of today’s messaging apps. Unlike SMS, new technologies can be integrated with contact apps to see who else supports the service. What this means for business is that you can now use SMS messaging as a more interactive tool to engage with your customers.

RCS has 3 primary goals:

  1. Use better contact lists that included more detailed contact information, real-time contact availability and read receipts.
  2. Build a better messaging system that enables extras such as instant chat, emojis and sharing data.
  3. Support enhanced calls with features like video calling and data sharing in real time.

Why will RCS enhance mobile marketing for your business?

  1. RCS supports multiple message formats, allowing businesses to send not just text but videos, animations, and images an all in one message.
  2. Unlike SMS, RCS messages return read receipts, meaning businesses can measure the effectiveness of the communications.
  3. In terms of messaging, we have yet to see something that has the same potential for customer interaction and engagement as RCS messaging. RCS allows for a more interactive call to action. For example, customer surveys, and real-time updates.

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When will it be live?

In the past 12 months, since Google launched an initiative to establish universal profile based on RCS, more carriers have gotten on board. In Google’s latest RCS newsletter, they stated that ‘RCS momentum is getting noticed… with many more carriers launching later this year’. As soon as it is available Sendmode will be offering it to our customers. In the meantime if you would like to get up and running with our award winning mobile marketing service, please click on the image below.

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