Driving Quality Leads via SMS Marketing

Consumers are becoming more reliant than ever on their smartphones using them to shop, socialize, organise their day, finances, the list goes on. Customer engagement drives business. It is increasingly common for potential customers to select businesses based on their experience and emotions, rather than price or other more objective components. SMS marketing has one of the highest engagement rates. Which is why successful SMS marketing campaigns utilize messages to engage and retain customers.

Though the evolution of mobile technology, individuals can research and purchase coverage in real-time and just a few clicks. This means that there is additional pressure on companies to provide better user experience across all channels along with convenience, speed and supporting information.

People interact differently with SMS than they do with other forms of communication and marketer can be more successful with SMS lead generation when they pay attention to those differences.

Take the following steps recommended in the below infographic for successful SMS lead generation:

  1.  Make SMS information easily accessible across all channels – ie. Website, social media, in-store.
  2. Always, always include a strong call-to-action
  3. Use SMS to qualify leads
  4. Follow up with all quality SMS leads
  5. Don’t wait to start your SMS campaign


driving quality leads via sms marketing infographic

About Sendmode

SMS Marketing is one of the marketing techniques business owners use to promote their offers directly to the hands of their customers, driving customer engagement and lead generation. With 98% open rates and messages delivered in seconds the results generated from an SMS campaign are unbeatable in comparison to other marketing channels, and what’s more is that your customers opt-in meaning they want to hear from you!! Sendmode has been in the SMS and mobile marketing industry for almost 10 years and serves almost 30,000 happy customers worldwide.

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