Offline Marketing Strategies

Nowadays business owners can be overwhelmed by the number of channels out there for marketing their business. Much of the focus involves modern marketing techniques on the internet such as SEO, social media, content marketing, Facebook Ads, Google ads and other online marketing tactics. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these. In fact, with so many businesses today concentrating their efforts online, you can often gain an edge by seeking out creative offline marketing techniques. So let’s look at some of the ways to market your small business that doesn’t require an internet connection.


Even in the internet age, the old saying that people buy from people holds true. While networking nowadays often refers to social or professional online networks such as LinkedIn, don’t overlook the benefits of face to face networking. This includes participating in joining business associations, attending industry events and handing out business cards.

We have found that one effective type of networking is building a partnering with other businesses for joint ventures. It’s often beneficial to team up with people who are selling complementary products or services. For example, a local restaurant partners with a local butcher for a food and wine tasting evening. Both businesses get exposure to each other’s set of customers. In Sendmode’s case, we concentrate on text message marketing and have partnered with a number of companies who provide email marketing. This gives both sets of customers an easy and hassle-free way to do omnichannel marketing.

Text Message Marketing

As mentioned above Sendmode specializes in text message marketing and we are obviously biased and recommend it. Because it’s a modern, high-tech method, people don’t always associate it with offline marketing. However, there is an offline element to it. You need to get permission from your customers to send them text messages. Some companies do this using in-store competitions or simply asking for the customer’s details at the point of sale.

SMS Marketing is a very efficient alternative to email and social media as one of the biggest advantages of text messages is that people read them far more often than emails. In fact, 98% of text messages are read by the recipients, 90% within 3 mins of receipt.

Speaking Engagements

You’d be surprised at how effective speaking engagements can be for building your brand recognition. The fact is, giving live presentations can be a powerful way to position yourself as an authority and gain new clients.

Think of a topic where you can educate your audience about something they’ll be interested in. You can then present it to your local business group, chamber of commerce or consumer group. Remember you are the expert in your domain and have knowledge which you can impart to others. No matter what your business, you can probably come up with something. If you own a restaurant or any food-related business, you can discuss recipes. If you’re in a health profession, you can provide diet and fitness tips.

Generally, these speaking engagements will be free and you won’t get paid for them. However, you will be building an awareness of your brand and your expertise, building your network of contacts and putting a face to your business. All these build confidence and credibility in your business and will help get you, new clients.

Direct Mail

Finally, we have one of the oldest marketing techniques of all and one that seems a little out of date in the digital age. Nevertheless, direct mail is still quite effective to mail out coupons, postcards, and flyers to people in your area. Look how many coupons you still get nowadays in the Sunday newspapers.

Personally, I am not crazy about this one as I think it is a blunt spray and pray method of advertising. That said, it is still heavily used by businesses and is generally quite effective.

About Sendmode SMS Marketing

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