Need an API for sending SMS?

Do you need an API for sending SMS?  Sendmode, the award winning Mobile Marketing company, are experts in SMS delivery worldwide and offer an easy to use, low cost and high performance API to any companies who use SMS as part of the feature set in their products.

Our SMS Gateway is used by hundreds of organisations throughout the world to communicate with their customers instantly and reliably. Our API is compatible with any programming language and it is simply a matter of creating an account with us and sending your requests to our servers, we do the rest.

Sendmode provides both HTTP and SMPP connections to our API with full documentation available at  The integration time from start to finish is less than 4 hours and we have a 24/7 monitoring service where we monitor delivery rates at all times. Our service also has the ability to flag dead or incorrect numbers provide reports which allow you to clean these numbers from your database and therefore save you money and credits on subsequent campaigns.  Full delivery reports can be sent back to your server or if you wish to save space on your database, the reports are available on our servers at any time for your convenience.

We also provide full integration support and code samples in a number of languages.

For SMS messages such as PIN numbers or other sensitive data we provide 128 bit SSL encryption as security for the content of the messages.

If you need an API for sending SMS please feel free to contact our team at any time on 01-685-4913 or by emailing [email protected]. During integration you will have a dedicated account manager and technical resource to make the transition to our API as smooth as possible.

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API for sending SMS