Mobile Advertising Trends for 2017

With person to person SMS continuing to decline due to the proliferation of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, 2017 will see a further increase in the use of SMS for mobile advertising. According to Portio Research some 1.7 trillion Application to Person (A2P) SMS will be sent globally by 2018. One of the main reasons is that SMS is the only application available on every mobile handset.

According to the research here are some trends for mobile advertising and the use of SMS in 2017.

2 Factor SMS Authentication

We are seeing a growing number of companies using SMS as a security layer for its services. SMS will be increasing used to share notifications, login confirmations, password resets and updates on status or content shares with users.

Internet of Things

With more devices connected to the internet now and the so called ‘Internet of Things’ expanding, many more connected devices will use SMS for real time alerts and information to device owners.

Sectors which will increase use of SMS in 2017

The main sectors which will increasingly use SMS as their mobile advertising platform will be retail, government and travel sectors. As business and organizations move towards paperless offices, SMS will be used to deliver promo codes, marketing messages, billing cycles, payment alerts and transaction alerts.

The number of businesses globally who use SMS for their mobile advertising is growing as it provides a low cost, reliable and secure way to contact customers. Remember that 98% of SMS messages are read.

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