LinkedIn Marketing for Small Business Owners – Part 6 of 7

Second to last blog in our series has 11 bite size tips for making the most out of LinkedIn Marketing for your business. We hope the infographic below provides a few tips that you may not have already known about. Such as the best time of day to post on LinkedIn for maximum coverage, how important posting articles on LinkedIn can be for your business. Thanks to MarketingProfs for the infographic.

LinkedIn marketing


Our final blog in this series will give a few tips on keeping your LinkedIn profile secure. We will also publish a link to the full infographic.
We hope you enjoyed the series and have learned one or two new things about how LinkedIn Marketing can help your business.

Sendmode have been in the mobile marketing industry for almost 10 years now (November 18th is our 10 year anniversary!!) and serve over 30,000 customers worldwide. We have been using LinkedIn Ads for years to help us connect with key decision makers all across the globe. LinkedIn continues to work for us as a B2B Marketing tool and hope it works for you also.

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