Outsmart information overload with SMS Marketing

In an age of information overload and with your business competing with so many other channels for your customer’s attention, SMS Marketing is a way you can reach your customers directly. With open rates of 98% and depending on which study you read, SMS Marketing will give you between 10% and 50% response rate, it reinforces the fact that, hands down, there’s nothing more valuable than direct access to someone’s attention.

So what is SMS Marketing?

Very simple. Follow these steps.

  • When customers enter your store, ask them for their mobile and permission to contact them in the future via text marketing. This bit is important for GDPR compliance.
  • Find a reputable Bulk SMS Marketing service provider and create an online account.
  • Upload your customer list into your new account.
  • Using the online system, text them an offer, sale, special opening or any other promotion from your business. Make sure you give customers an opt-out option (required for GDPR ).

The Result. The text message is delivered in seconds and 98 out of every 100 customers will read it, FACT. How is that for getting your customers attention?

And that’s it. Marketing with proper results; higher response rates and more sales.

Here comes the salesy bit

We’ve been in the SMS marketing industry for almost 10 years and serve over 30,000 customers worldwide. We are fully GDPR Compliant and our bulk SMS service keeps things simple for all customers with practical advice and an online website that is designed to be clear and easy to use.

A short note on GDPR. Should you currently use another Bulk SMS service provider and are not satisfied with how they will keep you GDPR compliant why not give us a call or register for a no-obligation free trial by clicking the image below, check out our super low prices and then click ‘Try for Free’

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Free Trial
Thank you for your time, we hope you found this blog helpful for your marketing needs.