How Mobile Coupons work with SMS Marketing

Innovative SMS marketing coupons

Mobile coupons are received and cashed by customers  using smartphones.  Advertising paperless coupons via SMS Marketing is a much smarter way to offer discounts and deals on products and/or services.

SendMode, an award winning Company in SMS Marketing, can help you create a coupon that is tailor made for your business.  SendMode will also manage your account, sending messages to all your subscribers with no set up fees or monthly charges, you simply pay as you go for your credits which don’t expire!

Notify existing customers accessing your site or social media profile of special offers and deals to subscribers only, i.e. a discount or ‘freebie’ as an incentive for prompt response rates.  For potential customers, advertise a simple, effective, ‘keyword’ with an enticing offer in order to grow your subscriber database which can then be used for ongoing promotions.

SMS Marketing is extremely powerful, as mobile devices are within arms reach for at least 14 hours a day! Hence, SMS marketing to mobile devices yields a much higher open rate compared to email marketing.  Furthermore, paperless coupons saves considerably on time, printing and advertising costs.

More and more people are going mobile, up to 90% of the population own at least one mobile device, consequently, this is an excellent marketing tool to increase your customers AND revenue.

Using  mobile coupons with SMS Messaging to advertise your products and services is a highly successful strategy, its cheap, easy and environmentally friendly.  Contact Trevor or John on Tel 01-685-4913 or email [email protected] and our team will help get your campaign up and running!

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