How Does an API work?

bulk sms api for developers

The great thing about bulk text is that it can be easily integrated into your existing software or CRM system using what is called an API.  API stands for Application Programming Interface.  Sendmode’s API is a set of functions which other applications or software programs can follow in order to communicate and integrate with our system.

So who might use the Sendmode Bulk Text API?

Let’s say you own a Dental Practice or Beauty Salon. The Sendmode API can be integrated into your existing system to send appointment reminders to your customers or to send them promotional offers or last minute availabilities.

Schools may also use the Sendmode API to send important information to their pupil’s parents. The API will work the same way our online platform does.

The main functions of the Sendmode API allow you to:

– Send SMS

– Receive delivery reports

– Retrieve messages (incoming texts into keywords)

– Check SMS Credits on account

The Sendmode API allows any application or program type (web, desktop or mobile) to integrate with us via internet. APIs are usually invisible to the end user so don’t be scared or worried that you won’t know how to use it or that it’s complicated- we promise it’s a simple solution allowing you to work everything from one place.

Examples of other API’s include the epos system or management software systems.  Well know API’s include Twitter or Facebook feeds that have been imbedded into a website. Also Google maps which appear on a websites Location or Contact Us pages.

If you’re interested in the Sendmode Bulk Text API give us a call on 016854913 or email [email protected]. Implementation takes no more than an hour. You can show the following documentation to your ‘techy’ people in the meantime on this page

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