How Bulk Text is Saving Businesses Millions

Bulk Text is saving business million through reduction of no-show appointments and providing business with effective low cost marketing that works. This is why SMS is one of the most popular marketing and engagement tools on the market and why millions of business owners worldwide will use it.

Reduce No-Shows

Because SMS is pre-installed on every mobile phone and 98% of messages are read by recipients, business owners are assured that their message will be received by their customers. In fact, a recent study found that the open rate of mobile messages is 98%, versus 22% for email.

No shows are a real problem for all types of business owners, restaurants for example can be badly hit by no-shows, as can doctors or dental practices. In our opinion, any business who takes appointments should be sending an appointment reminder SMS. It has been proven to reduce the amount of no-shows considerably.

It is a very simple way of reminding your customers about their appointment with your business. No shows have been reduced by as much as 20% in dental practices we spoke to, simply by sending an SMS 2 days before the appointment was due.


We’re flooded with marketing messages every minute of every day. However one of the reasons why Bulk SMS Marketing is so effective is how simply it is delivered and received. A simple text message offer from a business to an opted in customer which is read in 5 seconds has been proven to get a much higher response rate than many richer content advertisements. SMS Marketing can get response rates of 50% and we have many, many testimonials from business owner who could not believe the response from a simple once a month offer.

About Sendmode

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