Effective Bulk Text Marketing

Let’s get straight into it. You wanted more from our marketing and then discovered how powerful bulk text marketing is. The first couple of campaigns have gone well. The following tips will help make it even more effective for you.

Build your Opt in Customer Database

Bulk Text combined with permission based marketing will get you the best response from all marketing channels. Guaranteed. There are many ways to build up your opt in customer base such as using a mobile keyword, running an in-store competition or asking at point of sale.

The most important thing is that your customers are aware they will be receiving future communications from you.


Never send a marketing message out before 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m. Keep the messages in the middle of the day when people are up and about.


Always ask yourself a simple question. Is this offer good enough that it will make my customer happy I have disturbed their day to receive it?

Personalize it

When building your opt in customer database ask for your customers first name. This way you can add a small custom field to the outgoing message which will personalize it. ‘Hi Joe, ‘ is a lot better than a generalised ‘Hi’ and will give you a much better success rate on your campaign.

That’s it, we hope the above tips help make your bulk text marketing campaigns even more effective and drives more revenue and customers into your business.

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