Driving Sales in Your Business

With so many marketing channels available nowadays, it can be a little overwhelming for business owners to find the right one for their business. However, SMS Broadcast is a proven marketing tool for driving sales in your business. Used in conjunction with permission bases marketing it is the most effective marketing tool available.

The first key to using SMS Broadcast successfully is to get permission from your customers that you may contact them using text messages. These messages are delivered directly to their mobile handsets and statistics show us that 98% of text messages are read by recipients.

The second key is the content and timing of the messages. The messages should be short and concise with a genuine offer that adds value to your customers. If you have segmented your customer base into different groups then a message which is tailored to each group will yield the best return for your business.

Finally SMS Broadcast is a simple yet very powerful technique and businesses are amazed at the level of response they get from their customers. However, a word of warning comes with a marketing technique this powerful. Do not overuse it and send out to many messages. We have seen businesses do this with the result that customers begin to opt-out of receiving further messages. We recommend one message per month to your full customer base or to each of your segmented groups.

Sendmode has been in the mobile marketing industry for almost 10 years and serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. We are fully GDPR Compliant and keep things simple for our customer with practical advice and an online service that is designed to be clear and easy to use. If you are using another Bulk SMS provider and are not satisfied, why not register for a no-obligation free trial by clicking the image below, check out our super low prices and then click ‘Try for Free’

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