Direct Marketing Strategy for your Business

In an age of so many marketing messages coming at us each day, many business owners choose direct marketing for their business. Contacting your customers with a personalized offer direct to their mobile or inbox and grabbing their attention is considered one of the most effective marketing techniques for business owners.

A good definition of direct marketing is found on Wikipedia at the following address and goes through the many forms it can take. Check it out here.

Whats a good Direct Marketing Strategy?

OK first you need to build up your opt-in database. This is a list of customers who have opted in to receive messages from your company. It can be a simple form in your outlet or a sign-up form on your website. With the recent implementation of GDPR we published a GDPR compliant consent form HERE.

Then find a direct marketing company who provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution. If you are using email or SMS, there are loads of them out there. Do NOT bombard your customers with direct marketing messages as they will begin to opt-out and leave your lists. Give them timely ( once a month ) and relevant offers which add value to the reason they shop with you.

Finally, you need to ensure that you have an easy and free opt-out mechanism. This is another of the rules implemented by GDPR and is also a good way to distinguish between reputable direct marketing companies.

Follow those 3 steps and you will have a direct marketing strategy that will drive more revenue to your business at a lower cost. Continuously building a maintaining your opt-in customer database is not to be underestimated, you need to give it plenty of attention and as the lists grow make sure you send excellent offers to your customer base.

About Us

We’ve been in the direct marketing industry for almost 10 years and serve over 30,000 customers worldwide. We are fully GDPR Compliant and our bulk SMS service keeps things simple for all customers with practical advice and an online website that is designed to be clear and easy to use.

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