Cost Effective Marketing for your Business

In our 6 years in Business, our customers have continually commented on how marketing is one of the most time consuming and difficult challenges in business. We all face the same issues, how to get the most cost effective marketing for our businesses and the best returns for our marketing spend.

One of the main difficulties is that business owners have the domain expertise, the butcher, the IT guy, the Retailer but none of us have marketing backgrounds. This makes it a challenge for most of us. For Sendmode, as our services are online, we use Google Adwords to market our services. It has proven to be a very cost effective way to let the world know what we offer. But what about your business?

  • Are you still using local newspapers, flyers, radio or even digital marketing such as social?
  • Do you know which are performing well for your business?
  • Do you segment your customer base into different categories and send offers and promotions to them on the channel that is most likely to catch their attention?

These (and many more..) are questions which we must answer as we roll out our marketing plans, and as we all know, some marketing plans work well and others, not so well.

We at Sendmode, are in the business of Bulk Text Message marketing and if you have not tried it yet for your business, it could prove to be the most cost effective marketing channel of all for your business. We have very simple 3 step strategies that can make it work for your business. Check out this blog for example,

If you would like to know more about how mobile marketing and bulk text messaging can provide a cost effective marketing platform for your business please feel free to call Sendmode at any time on 01-685-4913 or email [email protected].

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Cost Effective Marketing