Bulk Text News – May 2017

SMS Marketing works!!

If you were in any doubt about the power of SMS Marketing and Bulk Text. To get here, you have read the text we sent and clicked the link. This is why Bulk Text Marketing is so popular worldwide, it engages and works!!

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SMS is about to be revolutionized

RCS Messaging is on the way from Google in Q4 2017 and will make SMS as interactive as WhatsApp or Viber. Among other things it will allow logo’s, longer messages, images, videos, maps, call to action buttons, custom colours, read AND interaction receipts all to be sent to your customers.

Sendmode are working with Google and will be one of the first companies in the world to offer this service to you guys.

Check out this image below or a blog we wrote on it at https://www.sendmode.com/rise-rcs-messaging.

RCS Business Messaging

The Power of Referrals

A much overlooked marketing technique is how to use referrals. Saoirse wrote a blog with some tips on how to use referrals at https://www.sendmode.com/power-referral-marketing

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