Bulk Text Marketing for Restaurants

Bulk Text Marketing allows restaurant owners to engage with their customer base on a personal level at any time. There are lots of ways the Sendmode Bulk Text system can help drive your sales and customer engagement. From targeting different groups of customers with relevant offers to our very popular Birthday feature which automatically sends customers an offer on their birthday.

Sendmode’s SMS service is fast, easy to use, cost-effective and highly accountable. Plus we are here 24/7 for anything you need.

We spent €45 euros on an SMS Campaign and received over €500’s worth of bookings. Then we added bring a friend and increased our mobile customer database for future promotions

– James Byrne, Steaks Restaurant.

Drive more bookings

Reward Loyal Customers with Discount Offers. Use SMS to send offers to your customers in seconds and fill up your bookings list. Segment your customer base and target them to different nights or menu choices.

Send Menu’s by Text Message

Upload your menu to Sendmode and a weblink is added to your outgoing SMS campaigns. Users click on the link on their phone and the menu is displayed.

Automatic Reminders

You can easily integrate your CRM or booking system with our API with a few lines of code to send out booking reminders.

Design Your Campaigns in Seconds

Because your messages will be delivered instantly and 98% of them read. You can have an SMS campaign designed, delivered and receive bookings in minutes.

Grow your Opt-In Database

We have a number of ways for you to grow your mobile database while getting consent from your customers and keeping you GDPR compliant. We also have an easy way for your customers to join your list directly from your website.


We are fully GDPR compliant and have a number of features to ensure our customers stay that way. We developed a number of reports which are specific to GDPR and allow you to keep all your customers compliant. There is a full section on our website dedicated to GDPR and staying compliant, including responses from the Data Commissioners which we asked on our customers’ behalf.

Next Steps?

Contact us at any time via email [email protected], webchat or phone us on 01-685-4913. We can get you started with a reseller, affiliate or direct sales product for your customers. . If you would like to try our product for the first time (or maybe switch from your current provider) please click the link below, check out our extremely low prices and then click ‘Try for Free’.

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Free Trial

About Sendmode

Sendmode has been in the Bulk Text and SMS Marketing industry for 10 years and serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. We have won numerous awards for customer service down through the years and pride ourselves on our levels of customer service. We have loads of experience in the Bulk Text and SMS Marketing industry and can help you build your customer database, design and implement your SMS marketing campaigns.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions you can get us on web chat, email, or by phone at any time. We’re always here.