Bulk SMS API for Developers

If you are developing applications with an SMS communications feature, Sendmode has a super-fast, robust and secure Bulk SMS API for developers. It is being used by hundreds of organizations, sending millions of messages per month, to deliver their marketing messages, appointment reminders and up to the minute local information.


All the documentation is available at https://developers.sendmode.com


We have direct connections to all the mobile operators so your messages will be delivered instantly. The API offers httpget, httppost and SMPP connections available.

Code Examples

Our API supports any coding language and we have lots of examples in .NET, Java, and PHP to help you get up and running.


We’ve built our business on great prices, quality, and support. We’ll add 100 credits to your free trial account for you to test the application and an engineer will be assigned to your application and will help with getting you up and running. Not only that, the engineer will be on call to help with any questions you have at any time thereafter.


Our prices are super competitive. Because we have been in the industry for 10 years and send millions of messages per month, we negotiate with the operators on price and pass these on to our customers. We won’t be beaten on price and will match any (real !!! 🙂 ) price out there.


We are fully GDPR compliant and are committed to keeping our customers GDPR compliant also. We have spent time contacting the commissioner and getting answers to any questions from our customers. We didn’t just copy the commissioners GDPR documentation like our competitors, we actually got answers to the questions that were concerning them. For more please visit our blog section on GDPR.

About Sendmode

Sendmode has been in the mobile marketing industry for almost 10 years now (November 18th is our 10 year anniversary!!) and serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. If you would like to consider switching to ourselves or starting a new application please click the link below.

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