Benefits of Direct Marketing

As an SME we do not have the budget to try spray and pray marketing techniques over TV or Radio. We prefer to use direct marketing techniques to quantify both our advertising spend and what return we are getting for that spend. Direct Marketing turns the painful art of marketing into a measurable science.

Types of Direct Marketing

A good definition of direct marketing is found on Wikipedia at the following address and goes through the many forms it can take. Check it out here.

Direct marketing is a form of advertising where organizations communicate directly to customers through a variety of media including cell phone text messaging, email, websites, etc. It is also known as ‘direct response’.

Below are some examples of direct marketing.

Direct Mail

Still extremely popular as you can probably see yourself by the amount of mail that comes in through your letterbox. Before spending money on a direct mail campaign ask yourself, do you ever read any of this mail?


Someone calls you up out of the blue and tries to sell you something. The unpopularity of cold calling is at an all-time high and we wouldn’t recommend it. Again ask yourself how you feel when you get these calls.


Not as intrusive and with the recent GDPR laws you can only receive emails to which you have opted in. You must also give people the option to opt-out. Response rates vary as the number of emails people receive each day means that email marketing messages may get lost in the noise.

Text (SMS) Marketing

Under GDPR guidelines SMS Marketing also requires permission and an option for consumers to opt-out. Marketing messages are delivered directly to a person’s mobile phone and with 98% of messages read it is an extremely powerful marketing tool. However be aware that people’s phones are extremely personal to them and if you overdo it, they will opt out of receiving any more communications from you.

Voicemail Marketing

Do you ever get these? They are becoming popular but we wouldn’t be big fans. Again, receiving an unsolicited message on your landline from an unknown person is super intrusive.


This is where you add a coupon to a newspaper or TV ad and ask consumers to send it back into yourself. A great way to quantify the returns that a large outlay on broadcast media can generate.

Benefits of Direct Marketing

infographic on the benefits of direct marketing with sendmode mobile marketing and bulk sms

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