4 Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Business

Competition in business is always high, and marketing your products and services is one of the biggest challenges for all business owners. There are millions of ways to waste money on marketing campaigns, and god knows we have all done that. So here are 4 low cost marketing strategies that small business owners could embrace.

Online Directories

Get on as many online directories as you can, many are free such as Yelp and with millions of people searching these directories, you will be surprised at how many views your business information will get.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has the largest gathering of people in the world these days. Posting to social media sites is a great way to build brand awareness. Bear in mind however that once you start posting you must continue to keep your account active and up to date with the latest news from your company or industry.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has ridiculously high open rates with 98% of text messages opened and read by recipients. It is such a powerful marketing tool that laws have been created to stop people being spammed. So get permission from your customers and then use SMS as a direct instant connection to them.

Content Marketing

If you are a bit more technically minded and have something to say about your industry ( or anything !!!) why not start a blog. Provide useful information from your expertise and visitors will start clicking through to your website.

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I hope you found this helpful and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.