3 Essential Tips for your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

SMS Marketing Works in the UK

Does Mobile Marketing work? According to Neilsen Mobile, 97 percent of mobile subscribers will read an SMS message within 15 minutes of receiving it, and 84 percent will respond to it. This data attracts the attention of business owners and their marketers. Also according to Nielsen Mobile, the average mobile marketing campaign response rate is 12 percent. Compare that to direct mail—which has an average response rate of 2 percent—and you can see the value of mobile marketing.

We’ve been involved in SMS and Mobile Marketing for the past 5 years and have seen it grow and grow as more business come on board and see the power and impact it has. Our experience has taught us a few things and we’d like to share these today, 3 quick tips for creating successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

1. Make Permission-based mobile marketing the foundation: To get the best results from any Mobile Marketing campaign you must be sending your SMS messages to people who WANT to receive them. No Spam, it doesn’t work !!!. Your mobile marketing must be completely transparent, giving people a chance to opt-in AND opt-out of receiving messages, as well as ensure people know exactly how their personal data will be used.

2. Use personal data smartly: Once people have opted-in to receive marketing messages, why not personalize each message, instead of “Hi, we have a great offer this week”, use a customization feature to say “Hi John, we have a great offer this week”.  The impact of this personalization is magnified and consumers will feel more connection to your brand.

3. Ensure the message has Value: Successful mobile marketing campaigns should be intended for an actual person and not a device. The message should be of value to the receiver, whether it is be an offer which will save them money, a news alert which will save time or an appointment reminder the message must have value. This value will build brand commitment and loyalty.

Follow these 3 tips above and experience the positive impact of mobile marketing on your business revenue. If you would like to know more about SMS and Mobile Marketing, please feel free to contact us at any time on 01-685-4913 or email [email protected]

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