Tutorial – Building your Opt-In Customer List with Social Media

Using the Quick Import Feature

When a customer has opted in to receive your communications they are FAR more likely to respond to your promotions. Your messages are welcomed, received, read and acted upon. This, together with a direct communication channel like SMS make your marketing campaigns much more effective and successful. This is called permission based marketing and is […]

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter – September- 2021

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter - May - 2021

Hi , Welcome to our Sendmode Newsletter. A short burst of news on SMS Marketing and the Sendmode platform. 3 quick features on the service which you may not know about. How to Upload PDFs or Images You can upload PDFs and Images directly into your SMS campaigns with Sendmode. Great for showing menu’s and […]

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter – June – 2021

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Newsletter - May - 2021

Hi, Welcome to our Sendmode Newsletter. A short burst of news on SMS Marketing and the Sendmode platform.  Re-Introducing Sendmode Bulk Texting As the economy opens up again, it may have been a while since you used the Sendmode platform. No need to worry, we’ve been working away making it even quicker and easier to use. If […]

Horizontal Marketing for SME’s

horizontal marketing

Marketing is a constant challenge for business owners, especially those of us in small or medium sized businesses where time and resources are scarce. Have you considered a partnership with another company to seek opportunities to bring a combined product or solution to the market? What is Horizontal Marketing? Horizontal Marketing is where two separate […]

GDPR and International Bulk Text Services

The incoming General Data Protection Regulations is an EU wide law which aims to increase protection all of our personal information. Any company who hold the personal data of their employees or their customers must now make a number of changes to ensure compliance with the law. If you are one of the thousands of […]

Hipcricket survey reveals interesting Insights on Mobile Marketing

driving quality leads sms marketing sendmode

Mobile marketing continues to grow at a remarkable rate, and yet a Insights on Mobile Marketing in a recent study from HipCricket says that 74% of consumers’ favorite brands are not currently advertising to them on their mobile phones. This means a very high number of businesses are missing out on a great way to not only […]

Benefits of SMS Shortcodes

Here’s a list of the Benefits of SMS Shortcodes for your Bulk SMS Marketing: 1. SMS Shortcodes are 5 digit numbers which are easier to remember for customers when contacting you. 2. SMS shortcodes is a short number to place on promotion material namely TV ads and other printed ads (magazines, transit advertising, billboards etc…) 3. Customers […]