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Does WhatsApp Bulk Messaging work?

OTT messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, SnapChat and OOvOO have long passed traditional SMS volumes for person to person text and image messaging. The advantage for the consumer is that these applications send information across your mobile phones data channel and therefore do not incur traditional SMS fees. As a provider of quality, low cost direct marketing channels for business, here at Sendmode, we are always keen to provide new channels to our customers. So would WhatsApp Bulk Messaging work for your business?

There are a couple of things to consider.

Firstly, at the time of writing none of the OTT messaging companies have opened up their networks to allow bulk messaging providers such as ourselves access and give our customers this option. We get more and more contact with “providers” saying that they can do this but we know for a fact that WhatsApp, Viber and the others do not allow this. So these companies may have a quick hack which will work intermittently but we believe in providing our customers with quality official routes so until these providers officially open their networks, we wont engage with any of these companies on behalf of our customers.

Secondly, while WhatsApp, Viber, SnapChat and OOvOO all have a share of the messaging marketing pie along with hundreds of other smaller messaging companies, there is only one messaging application which is available on every single mobile in the world. Yep, dear old SMS.

The messaging pie is being further divided every time a new player comes into the market, meaning it is harder to reach ALL your customers. Quite simply, the only way to reach all your customers is through well timed, short, concise, permission based SMS Marketing messages.

As WhatsApp and the others begin to open up their networks we will of course provide these options to our thousands of customers, however we will always promote the channel which will give the best delivery and the most return.  We don’t see SMS going anywhere for Business to Consumer or Application to Person messaging for quite some time yet.

We’ve been in the Bulk SMS Marketing business for over 6 years now and with over 12,000 customers across 17 countries, we know all about how Bulk Messaging can help your business, no matter what industry you are in. If you would like to know more about Sendmode and our bulk sms marketing platform please feel free to call us at any time on 021-300-2635 or email support@sendmode.com.

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