QR Codes are a very valuable tool for businesses to utilise in their online and offline marketing campaigns. This blog will show some of the uses of QR codes and give you some ideas where you could place the QR Codes in your marketing campaigns.

QR Codes can be used:

  • ~ To encourage engagement with your brand from your target audience through any marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • ~ To track the success of print media campaigns by sending scanners to a custom URL as QR Code make the more engaging for potential customers.
  • ~ QR Codes can be used to drive traffic or awareness to your mobile website/ a new product/ a specific URL.
  • ~ To link scanners to specific information e.g. special offers/ product information/ support assistance/ reports/ reviews etc…
  • ~ To enable users can interact with digital advertisements e.g. Facebook/ YouTube videos/ TV ads/ Twitter/ E-mail etc…
  • ~ To enable users to opt-in to the business database e.g. mailing list, SMS alerts etc….
  • ~ To generate leads and increase sign ups by placing the QR Code on promotional materials / event registration.
  • ~ To link offline advertising to online advertising e.g. apparel advertising/ print advertising/ signage and display advertising etc…
  • ~ To link to a product comparison data from the product or product price tag.
  • ~ To encourage reordering in a quick and simple manner by placing the QR code on the products label.
  • ~ To gain feedback from customers following their purchase by placing the QR Code on the sales receipt.
  • ~ To link directly from the product to your support services – interactive video chat website page/ YouTube Videos/ contact details/ Support forum etc…

QR Codes can be placed on:

  • – Print advertising e.g. Brochure’s or catalogues/ Magazines/ Print advertisements/ Billboard ads/ Flyers/ Advertising /Price List marketing/ Direct Marketing/ Stickers/ Business cards/ newsletter advertising/ Apparel marketing/ Campaign signage/ Invoice marketing.
  • – Transit Marketing e.g. Bus Shelter/ Vehicle (bus or car or van) advertising
  • – Display marketing e.g. Signage/ In-Store displays/ sports venue marketing or sponsorship/ Location advertising.
  • – Product marketing e.g. Packaging/ Event Ticketing/ on or in products.
  • – Online Marketing campaigns e.g. URL marketing/ E-Mail Marketing including e-mail signature/ Social Network Advertising and Marketing e.g. Twitter backgrounds or Facebook profile pictures and wall/ Review listing like Yelp or Foursquare/ Press Releases/ Payment links for e.g. PayPal.
  • – Promotional Events e.g. at Presentations/ Trade Shows/ Conferences/ Event advertising/ Event Name tag marketing.
  • – Reward Marketing e.g. Couponing Marketing/ QR Codes Cards or Marketing.

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