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Save Money on Back to School Offers

With some schools having already started and the majority starting back next week, we are all flooded with back to school offers for great deals on new books, laptops, tablets, phones and uniforms. We operate in the technology industry and thought we’d offer a few tips on getting the best deals for any laptops or tablets you may be purchasing this weekend.


Pretty much all laptops are going to be powerful enough for students to use. They will have more than enough disk space and memory to perform all tasks for students. Laptops can vary wildly in price and we would support the view that entry level or mid-range level laptops will be more than sufficient. Even for college students, a mid-range laptop will be fine. Leave the top range and most expensive for after college graduation and using them in professional jobs.

Ask if the laptop comes with Microsoft Office which has great spreadsheet, presentation and document software. If it does not, you can download OpenOffice which is a free version of the software.


We wouldn’t recommend buying a tablet for second level students as they will get bashed about a lot and although sturdy, are they up the running the gauntlet of the bus to school or a busy classroom ? Tablets are sophisticated and sensitive pieces of hardware and in our experience tablets can get damaged very easily.

When you are buying technology, you’ll be asked whether you want to insure the laptop/iPad/tablet. If you do not have insurance it might be worthwhile thinking about it as the device will not just be sitting at home but will be with your child everywhere, classroom, bus to school, sports field and field trips and will be more susceptible to theft or damage.

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I hope you found this helpful in some way and it will save you some money on all the back to school offers you will be receiving this weekend.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.