Bulk SMS Marketing for Hair Salons

Because the text messaging function is on every phone in the world many hair salons will use text and bulk SMS for communication with their customer base. This can be for appointment reminders or mass marketing of offers and promotions.

Sendmode’s Bulk SMS service is fast, easy to use, cost-effective and highly accountable. Plus we are here 24/7 for anything you need.

My Appointment System Already has Text Messaging

Most Appointment software systems will have a text messaging feature for appointment reminders and marketing. However the cost tends to be quite high for this feature and many hair salons decide to use a specialist bulk sms provider which can offer a lower cost solution. Using Sendmode for example could save you €50-€100 per month on your texting costs.

Some Uses of Bulk SMS for Hair Salons

Drive more Bookings

Rewards Loyal Customers with Discount Offers. Use SMS to send offers to your customers in seconds and fill up your bookings list. Segment your customer base any way you need and then target them to different days with relevant offers and promotions.

Design Your Campaigns in Seconds

The idea with text messages is to keep them short and sweet. You can design and execute your marketing campaign in seconds and you will be getting bookings within minutes.

Grow your Opt-In Database

We have a number of ways for you to grow your mobile database while getting consent from your customers and keeping your GDPR compliant. We also have an easy way for your customers to join your list directly from your website.


Sendmode is fully GDPR compliant and have a number of features to ensure our customers compliance also. We developed a number of reports which are specific to GDPR and allow you to keep all your customers compliant. There is a full section on our website dedicated to GDPR and staying compliant, including responses from the Data Commissioners which we asked on our customers’ behalf.

Next Steps?

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About Sendmode

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