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Use Bulk SMS and Mobile Keywords together to reach widest Audience

Here’s a quick 2 step strategy to increase your turnover. We’ve seen it work hundreds of times and been very successful for business of all sizes.  It involves the use of Mobile Keywords and Bulk SMS Marketing.

1. Gather as much information from your customers as possible

Try to get your customers name, email and mobile phones numbers and permission to send them future offers and promotions. You can do this a number of ways for example a simple sheet of paper or you could use mobile keywords.  This allows consumers to text in to a keyword and automatically joins your customer list. For example a business called “Zen Bar and Restaurant” could have the mobile keyword Zen. On all communications it could have “Text ZEN to 51444 to join our exclusive offers club”.  Customers who do so are now on their list and can receive their offers.

2. Use Bulk Text Messaging to contact the customers who have opted in.

The customers who have texted in are already on your list. You can import any other customers who have signed up using pen and paper etc. Then send out your offers in seconds to the full list using Bulk SMS Messaging. The offer will arrive with your brand name on the message so it is instantly recognisable, and with over 95% of text messages read less than 3 minutes are receipt, the message is delivered directly to your customer’s handset.

Very powerful and very very effective !!!

Make sure your Bulk SMS Message has a good offer which your customers will appreciate and you’ll see up to 30% of your customers respond to it.

It goes without saying how much we love Bulk Text Messaging and its benefits for business and if you would like to know more about how using Bulk SMS Messaging and Mobile Keywords can benefit your business please feel free to call Sendmode at any time on 021-300-2635 or email support@sendmode.com.

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