Top 10 – Guide to sending a great Bulk SMS

It can be hard to write the Bulk SMS messages you send to your customers in order to ensure they are being received well. So we have come up with our top 10 tips for sending a good Bulk SMS message. These are a MUST to ensure you maintain your current database of clients and also generate new contacts for your messaging campaigns.

1. Determine who you are sending out your message to. Is it an individual, a business, a group of customers (recipients) or multiple groups of recipients?
2. Decide on an appropriate time to send out the bulk SMS or campaign. When composing the message, If you feel it is not the best time to send the message – use the SendMode platform to schedule your message for an appropriate time. We recommend that you send messages out after 9am in the morning and before 9pm at night (depending on your businesses opening hours or the industry) , in order to respect the recipient’s privacy.
3. Plan out your message in advance to ensure they vary compared to previous sent messages ensuring that they have all the essential information provided in it. Messages are normally sent out for an intended purpose, or to provide recipients with a special offer, in order to generate sales.
4. Display your business name as the sender ID (you can also choose to display the company’s telephone or mobile numbers either) to ensure the recipient knows who sent the message.
5. Try to use your business nam in the message content of all messages, in order to reinforce your company brand, if possible, even if its just once at the middle or end of the message.
6. Incorporate an interactive call to action in the message – letting recipients know what you want them to do. Examples: Interested? Reply Yes, Watch Video at:, or Sign up today? Reply yes
7. Write out the short, concise message. To achieve maximum impact we recommend you aim for messages of 160 characters (1 text message) or a max of 299 characters (2 text messages). However you can send longer messages out as appropriate.
8. For Bulk SMS it is recommended you that you do not use text language, where possible as not all recipients will be familiar with it. However some symbols or abbreviations would be known by all intended recipients – for example:  &, +, %, along with currency symbols like £, €, $.
9. Don’t forget to mention how recipients can opt out of the messages. These can be displayed in many formats, For example: To opt out reply keyword stop to 51444, To opt out reply stop to 51444, Opt out reply Stop, Opt out text Stop or opt out SMS Stop etc…
10. Finally, Don’t forget to proof-read your message for typo’s and errors before sending out your SMS.

Hope these help you with sending out your Business SMS messages.
If you have any questions or any other tips you would like to share e-mail: or call us on 087 550 5108.


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