SuperBowl Mobile marketing Lessons

I’ve being working hard looking at the 2012 SuperBowl ads to see how they included mobile elements in their advertisements. Mobile marketing is key to marketing business due to the findings of an InMobi  survey revealing that 45% of viewers estimated they’d spend over 30 minutes on their mobile phone during the game, with 39% of viewers using mobile devices in response to TV ads during the 2012 Super Bowl. To have a successful mobile campaign you will need to learn from these 2012 SuperBowl lessons –

1. Enhance your website for mobile-specific experiences
Ensure your website is optimised for mobile devices to make viewing and downloading easier for the visitor. This is ideal if you want Visitors to be able to navigate your website on their mobile. A mobile website could be the reason you gain customers as this gives you an opportunity to attract customers to your website even when they’re on the move. Amazingly according to Google/Kelsey 2010, 79% of large online advertisers still do not have a mobile optimized site. Pepsi, NFL and Go Daddy utilised a web url strategy for the 2012 SuperBowl, with Pepsi directing customers to youtube which was not ideal for this type of campaign.

2. Increase an ads value with mobile 
Add value to your marketing campaigns by adding interactive mobile call to actions to your different marketing channels e.g. newspaper ads, TV ads, flyers, social networks and your website. To make your ads more engaging to viewers add an SMS element, A sample of the wording could be as follows: Text Sendmode followed by your name to 51444 to get 10% off your next purchase.

Many popular brands utilised mobile campaigns during the 2012 SuperBowl in order to encourage viewers to interact with them through SMS, QR Codes and Twitter Hash tags (Plus an app called Shazam). SMS was favored by the NFL to generate an interactive mobile campaign for viewers.

3. Test calls to actions
Testing campaigns is essential no matter the medium used, this will enable you to ensure that the chosen channel is providing the interactive experience you want for your subscribers. SMS subscriptions are taken through the use of shortcode facilities – where viewers of the call to action text a keyword to the 5 digit number such as 51444 provided on marketing material. Then the Subscriber should get an instant reply to confirm the registration of their number. The reply needs to be set up by the company utilising the sms facility to generate lead for future marketing campaigns.

During the 2012 SuperBowl the NFL Million Dollar campaign had issues with their response time to subscriptions received by sms –resulting in responses been received a few hours afterwards. We can all learn from this by setting up the auto reply function within the Sendmode SMS Platform. This can then be tested by folowing the intended call to action process.

4. Display calls to action for an adequate amount of time
NFL’s Million Dollar campaign  did this well by displaying the call to action throughout the ad, as the mobile call to action required several steps to be undertaken, so the message needed to be displayed for a significant time-period. The Beauty of SMS is very versatile for any type of business or campaign.

5. Make a persuasive call to action
Did you know 71% of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information?  That’s why Brands should take advantage of the viral effects of mobile campaigns as they encourage consumers to engage with your company/brand, meaning they’ll refer you to others.

By considering all these lessons when conducting a mobile campaign you will increase ROI, driving purchases and increasing awareness or gaining referrals to your brand.  So to improve your customers experience with your brand through interaction by SMS, why not set-up an account with Sendmode by clicking the image below or calling the office on 087 550 5108. We can also answer any questions you may have about creating a mobile marketing campaign by e-mail:

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