Bulk SMS Marketing – So Simple!

Bulk SMS Marketing is virtually effortless, all it takes is one person and a smartphone! Firstly, attain a permission based customer database of mobile numbers, source an SMS solutions provider (sendmode.com) to attain your keyword and you’re off and running!!  That’s it!  As an individual, you can create, manage, send, and receive messages. However, if you want to take your Bulk SMS marketing campaigns to the next level, you can leverage the help and most importantly, the creativity of your staff, be that your business partner or a group of employees. We are all too familiar with the saying, “two heads are better than one”! With input from your team, exploring new dimensions and ideas, you can convert your Bulk SMS marketing tool from a simple one-way text service to a fully interactive, highly successful, money making machine!

Follow these simple steps:-

  • Brand
  • Create
  • Dispatch

Branding, as always, is essential. You are familiar with your initial efforts getting customers to know and remember the name of your business/service? Similarly, you now have to create awareness to incentivise those same customers, your existing customers, to opt-in (join) to your SMS group. Your opt-in SMS group is a product that must be sold. Ensure your staff is as dedicated and enthusiastic to “selling” your SMS group as they are to marketing your product/service. For highly effective campaigns, promote awareness of the features and benefits of your Bulk SMS marketing strategy, equip your team members with answers to the most basic questions; who, what, when, where, and—most importantly—why!

Harness the creativity and energy from your team in generating materials to promote your campaign in your place of business and in your locality. A mail-shot to your customers is a quick and zero cost medium of encouraging your customers to opt-in to your marketing campaign.  Once you have that mobile number, its added to your marketing database for future marketing!   Facebook and Twitter are ubiquitous, why not join the fray by getting your Bulk SMS promotion, deal, alert, special offer, appointment reminder etc out there …. everywhere!!

Be passionate about your ideas, have fun with your Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns! You are using technologies and strategies that are cutting edge, the potential is limitless!

More than 80% of smartphone users rely on their devices to help them make decisions on what to buy and where to buy it!

Marketers worldwide are using text messaging because the response rate is astounding compared with other forms of communication!  Read rate is 97% within 5 minutes!

It costs €34 to reach 1,000 customers …. Watch your sales figures soar!

Contact Sendmode Business Messaging, speak with Trevor or John on 087 550 5108 or email support@sendmode.com OR simply click ‘Create Account’ on www.sendmode.com to receive 25 free credits to get you up and running!

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