SMS Marketing for Used Car Dealers

SMS Marketing is the most responsive, direct marketing tool available for your business and will most certainly give you the competitive edge!

How do you advertise your ‘car of the week or a promotion you may have, for example, free mats with all cars purchased in September?

By using SMS Messaging to communicate with your customers, you will be offering a premium service at the best value for money and also building loyalty which is worth its weight in gold!!

Its easy to get the wheels in motion by following these 6 steps:-

1.  Attain a short code and keyword from SendMode

2.  Advertise your keyword on; website, social media, online advertisement etc

3.  Ask current and potential customers to opt-in to receive your message campaigns

4.  Create your customer database with your opt-in subscribers

5.  Be creative with your messages – SendMode provides assistance and support

6.  Send out promos, special offers and deals  to your customer base and reap the benefits!!

For further assistance and advice in creating the most effective SMS Marketing campaigns for your business, please contact Trevor or John on Tel: 087 550 5108 or email and we will be happy to assist you in making Mobile Marketing work for you!

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