SMS Marketing for Equipment and Tool Hire Companies

How do you inform your customers of your offers and discounts?  A recent survey showed that the open rate for emails is under 20% and not read for at approx 2.5 days.  Spam has also become a hindrance when trying to use email as a form of marketing.

Many companies underestimate the possibilities of SMS Marketing for Equipment and Tool Hire Companies, but using text messaging can be a crucial way to engage your most loyal customers. Opting into an SMS marketing campaign shows trust and commitment, something not true of most other forms of connection. SMS Marketing for Equipment and Tool Hire Companies provides a clear advantage by increasing – by orders of magnitude – the number of members who will actually view your content.

Since less than one percent of SMS messages are spam, people are less likely to ignore messages than phone calls or emails. This virtually guarantees contact with customers: 90% of SMS users open texts as soon as they are delivered, while 95% of SMS users see a text in the first fifteen minutes.

Here are a few ideas for Campaigns that your Company could use:-

3 for 2 Weekend Offer – Pay for 2 days get 3rd day FOC……..Special Discount for reserving online………..This month offers include – Pre Used Equipment Sale!!

Your SMS messages should be timely, compelling, relevant and to-the-point. Offer coupons, sales or deals that expire soon, such as in twenty-four hours. SMS readers rarely refer back to old messages, so ensure they are incentivised to take action right away. Link them directly to the product or category that you’re promoting.

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