Is SMS Marketing Effective?

As the messaging market gets more fragmented, more businesses are turning to the only standard compliant technology that is on every cell phone; sms. This is why SMS Marketing is becoming so popular worldwide nowadays with 1.4 trillion sms marketing messages sent each year.

Below are some reasons why;

100% Compliant and on every mobile

SMS is the only ‘app’ that is 100% standards compliant and is pre-installed on every mobile phone. So you have 100% coverage for all your customers when you send an SMS to them. It has been around for ages and is a super reliable delivery mechanism.

98% of all text messages will be read and even more impressive is the fact that 90% of these messages will be read within 3 minutes of receipt.

Delivered in Seconds

An SMS marketing campaign can be designed, dispatched and delivered in less than 5 minutes. Compare this with the lead time for designing print or radio ads which can run into days and even weeks. Torture!!

Return on Investment

The average response rate for permission based marketing and an SMS campaign is 12%. This is averaged across all industries but for some such as the FMCG sector, the response rate is much higher.

Sending an SMS marketing campaign to 1,000 customers will get you at least 120 responses. No other channel can match this.

Easily combined with other channels

It is so quick and easy to create an SMS marketing campaign that it can be easily combined with other channels. We have used the following order with great success in the past.

  1. Send an email campaign 1 week before start of sale
  2. Send a reminder SMS marketing campaign 1 or 2 days before start of sale.
  3. Use Social media postings all through the sale.

I hope you will find the above tips useful and if you are interested in using sms marketing please feel free to give us a call at any time. We would be delighted to serve your marketing needs.


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