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SMS Marketing and The Tipping Point

If you ever get a chance to read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point” there is a section on what he calls “stickiness”, how to get your ads to stick in people’s minds. As consumers we are bombarded with 100’s of advertising messages each day. The book goes on to mention and experiment done between ad agencies in the 70’s for one of its customers. One used the mass media channel, TV and the other targeted print ads. Whoever provided the most return to the end customer would win the overall ad contract. The TV ad agency followed the formula of a smart, snappy ad campaign while the other company created a treasure hunt in its print ads and asked users to send in coupons to “Join the Hunt”. The print ads were targeted in print magazines relevant to end company’s customer base.

Despite the fact that the TV campaign was broadcast to many millions and the print campaign to 250,000 magazine readers, the “Join The Hunt” campaign created a stickiness that resulted in consumers sending in coupons to join the hunt. The “Join The Hunt” campaign attracted over 100,000 new customers to the second ad agencies campaign and they now had an engaged customer base to advertise to.

Resulting targeted and meaningful offers to this customer base created an 80% growth in revenue for the company and the targeted ad campaign company won the contract.

Fast forward to today and nothing really has changed. By building an engaged opt-in customer database and using a direct channel like SMS Marketing to send your promotions and offers to this engaged customer base, the returns are still the highest in marketing.

The key is to create an engaged customer base and then market to them directly!!! The increasing popularity of SMS Marketing worldwide shows how effective marketing directly to an engaged customer base is. The beauty of SMS is that it is instant and 98% of messages are read will be opened within 3 minutes of receipt.

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